Thursday, June 9, 2011


Some thoughts regarding that aspect of the Spiritual Discipline, which we can refer as - OBJECTIVE SPIRITUALITY.

It's known to all that Jyotish, Ayurveda and many such allied ancient sciences are part of the Vedas. Not only that, the whole branch of Sakam Upasana (Objective Rituals) finds its due importance in the Scriptural texts. Though philosophical, but is an inevitable truth that every human being has to find some "purpose"; a purpose that is deciperable and can be acknowledged with gross senses in terms creating a more harmonious & satisfying experience of Living. Without which what is left with us is nothing but, impotent talks on subjective purity and/or abstract theologies on the nature of soul and its intended goal/s.

In the 7th Chapter (Gyan-Vigyan Yog) of The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Sree Krishna has elaborated on this subject.

Verse 7.2 is Lord's declaration to confer that knowledge, which shall result in an "Understanding"of both the Subjective (Gyan) as well as the Objective (Vigyan) faculty.

Verse 7.4 indicates that, HIS Nature is not different and does manifest in these forms. Thus, developing a deeper Understanding of these is also a part of knowing HIM.
Verse 7.11 elaborates CLEARLY, that an OBJECTIVE GOAL is not in opposition to Righteousness, as sometimes suggested by Purist Spiritualists.
Verse 7.30 concludes, infallibly declaring the GIST and KEY on which this whole Realization/Understanding rests while dealing with OBJECTIVE aspects of The Godhead during the course of Living, thus effecting, path for the Soul's further destiny.

Can the contributon of Charaka in Ayurveda, Varahmihir in Jyotish, Svatmaram in Hath Yoga, Nagarjuna in Alchemy (and so on.....) be disregarded? It would be mere foolishness and cowardice (in terms of restricted indulgence) to maintain a negative or half-commited approach/thinking towards these faculties and let them fade away in the sands of time.

So, what is the Solution?
The Solution is "Individual Sadhana", to explore SUBJECTIVE as well as OBJECTIVE faculties of The GODHEAD .....methodology could be in tune with one's likings, temparament, skills & preferences. And it always may not require an 'Avatar' to enforce some radical change for the benefit of mankind. One Sadhak, once centered, if can provide "Objective/Subjective Assistance" to a Small Section of the Society.....a Handful of Sadhaks can reach out a Larger Mass......and with a Resonable Strength surely the Whole Mankind.................and MORE !!!

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