Wednesday, June 8, 2011

कर्ता-अकर्ता-अन्यथाकर्ता / Doer, Non-Doer, Doer of Un-doable

DOER (कर्ता): That "Prime Consciousness" which is behind ALL actions that takes place in this whole Universe.
NON-DOER (अकर्ता): Yet, that "Prime Consciousness" is aloof and detached from ALL the actions that takes place in the whole Universe.
DOER OF UN-DOABLE (अन्यथाकर्ता): That "Prime Consciousness" which is capable of doing even that which is otherwise un-doable / inconceivable. 

  • Individual Consciousness under the veil of ignorance misidentifies own-self as the DOER.
  • Through constant awareness, introspection and surrender-ness, Individual Consciousness develops and sustains a state of NON-DOER-SHIP.
  • When this Individual Consciousness is in COMPLETE Union/Yoga with the Prime Consciousness, at times it even displays and produces results which is otherwise, UN-DOABLE / INCONCEIVABLE.
मुकं करोति वाचालं पंगुम लंघयती गिरीं
यत कृपा तमहं वन्दे परमानन्द माधव 

This picture of Lord Krishna depicts this in such a nice way...

FLUTE: represents the sukshma sharir with its shata chakras (six holes). Flow of breath (prana) through these holes (chakras) awaken them and produce music (energy). Music (Energy), that has the power to CONTROL and TRANSFORM. It Enchants & Enlightens. This depicts Karta Bhav (कर्ता भाव). Flute symbolizes CONTROL/POWER.

LOTUS: represents, as we all know, Detachment. In spite of being found in muddy waters a lotus is always aloof and does not get smeared [न लिम्पन्ति] due to its association with the surroundings. This depicts Akatra Bhav (अकर्ता भाव). Lotus symbolizes FREEDOM/DETACHMENT.

Some additional aspects which is a little away from the topic:

CALF (गो): represents the 'senses' (one of its Sanskrit meaning) which The Lord encourages to protect, nurture and maintain. Because only by nurturing of Cows can one get in return - Milk / Milk Products.

MILK: represents fruits of our Karma obtained through proper caring and usage of the Senses (Cow - गो). This becomes effective resulting in our upliftment at all levels, aadhi-bhautik (milk nurtures our physical body), aadhi-daivic (clarified-milk is used for yagya and karma-kand which cleanses our subtle energies) and adhyatmic (this approach as a whole helps in balancing our karmic debt).

Back to topic, Lord Krishna takes total responsibility for maintaining and utilizing the CALF (senses)...the picture depicts His RESPONSIBILITY towards it.

HE IS THE "DOER" (कर्ता), coz he uses his music (energy) to control the cows (senses) in order to make them comply to His intended purpose. The Flute on His Right Hand shows His COMPLETENESS.

HE IS ALSO THE "NON-DOER" (अकर्ता). Although Lord Krishna does ALL this, yet He remains Detached to its Credits. Which is why the Lord never interferes into anyone's business and offers Individual Freedom. He remains a silent spectator. The Lotus in His Left Hand shows His EMPTINESS.

LORD IS THE "DOER OF UN-DOABLE" (अन्यथा कर्ता). He can do even that that is Un-doable / Inconceivable and His Whole Life Exemplifies This.

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