Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Casual Habit

People do not turn anti-social (thieves, murderers, terrorists...) by themselves. They are coerced into. How? By CREATING "Deficiency" in their lives. Only if there is a deficiency (physical, financial or emotional) can they be beguiled into doing SOMETHING (even ANYTHING) in order to regain their fair share.

These deficiencies are created (Knowingly OR Unknowingly) by people who crave for Power. How? Simply by alluring masses to practice, develop & become dependent upon a casual habit, named, "OVERCONSUMPTION". What is Overconsumption? Consuming MORE than what an Individual NEEDS to Live a Healthy, Balanced & Peaceful Life. Overconsumption can be of two faculties - ITEMS (Physical) & IDEAS (Mental). The first one leading to External (Ecological) disturbances and the later to Internal (Psychological) disturbances.

These disturbing forces eventually expand and multiply following the rule of Cause & Effect in an unabated proportion. The only way to deflect these forces is by curbing within one's individual realm this casual habit of Overconsumption by simply self-questioning before every acquisition (Of an ITEM Or an IDEA), "Is it a NEED or a WANT?" Many such small decisive forces can sum up into a Greater Power; The Power to Reinstate PEACE.

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