Monday, June 6, 2011

The Tantra Science

Since the dawn of civilization human being in all forms and at all levels of existence is captured by a deep-rooted yearning. The yearning for FREEDOM. Needless to say, all the epics and great stories that we read and that makes news in Daily newspapers everyday, in some way or other, is related with the same basic ground instinct - FREEDOM. What's Freedom btw??? Disassociation with something OR association with something? On a positive note the ancient sciences says it YOGA (+).

Though this inner urge of the mankind has always instigated to continuously investigate and find a newer and better state.....for the Mind and the Body, of which most common people are involuntarily conscious of. Obviously, the shortest & easiest solution that has been discovered by us to reach this desired outcome has been - Sex & Money. Oh yeah !!! Money can instantaneously change the state of affairs of this Body...even if temporarily, but it CAN. And so does Sex for the Mind. Realizing so, even the most dignified, cultured & wise governments of this world have long back decided to produce and release licenses for Brothels & Casinos :-)

Yet, A Third platform that the RISHIS contemplated, explored, derived & experienced was the TRUE FREEDOM of permanence, which was expounded thru VEDIC SCRIPTURES.

Einstein propounded his Theory of Relativity and as a consequence the Mass-Energy equivalence was established as E = m x c x c, which was subsequently been proved with matter (at a macrocosmic level). The same principal in fact applies even to the microcosmic world (Yat Pinde, Tat Bramhande).


E = Soul = Every Being can be equated back to this State where elementarily, ALL ARE SAME, i.e., Energy or Atma.
m = Body = Mass
c = Mind = Speed of Light (Macrocosmic) / Speed of Thought (Microcosmic).....which more or less is a constant.

c x c = Multiplication (Repetition) changes the dimension = MANTRA (The process of freeing the Mind by changing its dimension)

m = Body = YANTRA (Body is the basic instrument to act with)

m x c x c = TANTRA (further, multiplying them together in order to take the consciousness to a Fourth Dimension) = E (derives the Atma within our consciousness, that's in direct association with the Cosmic Consciousness)

MANTRA-TANTRA-YANTRA VIGYAN (मंत्र-तंत्र-यंत्र विज्ञान) is...



Here is a SADHAK who is trying some union with "The Higher Consciousness".

His Body (actually subtle) is the 
YANTRA = Mass = m
His Mind is the MANTRA = Speed of Light = c

Mind in its present form is kind a scattered state of affair. It needs momentum in order to get "organized" and "focussed", which is done by 
JAPA (Repitition). This phenomenon is what is transform c...into cxc.

This momentum or vibration or 
State of Consciousness of the Mind, as attained, needs to be distributed throughout the Universe (Bramhand). The Bramhand (Macrocosm) that exists outside does also exist within The Body (Microcosm). This application of fusing this vibrations of "The Transformed Mind" into the Body is done while maintaining ASANA (An Undisturbed Posture). Thus, to obtain a perfect multiplication of cxc with the m (Mass/Body).

When we start this process, at the inception normally the equation can takes place in various ways like....
c x (c - a)
(c + a) x c
c x c x (m - b)........unless the perfect equation is attained the experience of ENERGY/ETERNITY does not surface to the Sadhak. (Energy itself is Eternity.....coz it can Neither be Created nor Destroyed - IInd 
Law of Thermodynamics)

Once a Sadhak has been able to perfectly attain this STATE/EQUATION...even for a Split Second.....the EXPERIENCE of this expanded 
Consciousness dawns.

Thus, revising again.........BODY (m) = YANTRA; MIND (c) = MANTRA

And, this whole set of "Organized Application" is called,
TANTRA = m x c x c = E (Energy/Eternity).

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